Our WeArCRITr journey ends

WeAreCRITr was a platform for movie reviewers with over 10.000 unique users. The platform started as a seamless way to review movies at cinema chain in The Netherlands.

Reviewing movies isn’t a unique service for a platform to have. Yet this platform managed to encourage people to limit their reviews in two sentences. Which meant that impulsive movie watchers could check the reviews and decide on the spot to move ahead or cancel to go for something else.

The simplicity was an art form and the 10.000 unique users had a race against the clock to get theirs up first. While scoring points along the way, the reviewers won community prizes and of course titles. The platform was only available on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

We have enjoyed sharing all thoughts on the massive world of cinematic universes and the epic Christopher Nolan movies were the biggest events on our platforms. So why do we end it today?

Today marked the 4th year of our platform being live. We never served ads and do not intend on redesigning the platform for it. This because it might be hard to keep a neutral outlook on the movie industry while serving ads from studios. This also means that the platform wasn’t earning any revenue and was unfortunately voted out of our portfolio for that reason.

In interest of full transparency. Our company never earned any money from this platform.


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