What is vaic.at X?

‘vaic.at X’ aka ‘Team X’ focusses on creating communities and platforms for technology enthusiasts to connect, collaborate and innovate together.

What we do
‘vaic.at Infinite’ is specifically building developers communities for certain software industry categories. Like Finance Software, Industrial Automation Software, Healthcare Software, Consumer Software and more.

Although software developers mostly use similar coding languages, industry-wide, on paper. The focus and context for the teams and developers working with the coding languages, in those various industries, usually is very different.

Open Beta
  • CUEBES (Safari)
  • CUEBES (Safari Mobile)
Closed Beta
  • Hemlock
  • CUEBES (iOS App)
  • CUEBES (iPadOS App)

We are a passionate team with a very clear goal: making collaboration between developers easier. Every time we create a new platform we look for launch partners.

Our developers and communities are active on: Our developers and communities are active on:

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What we develop on:

  • Apple Silicon Macs
  • iOS and MacOS crossplatform Apps
  • Safari Web Apps Apps for web