Announcing This Tech Loves You

Over the last couple of years our Studios have been working on building a creative platform on YouTube, Instagram and other media sites.

The new way of communicating with our tech community will help us explore ‘innovative interaction streams’ with our users

We have been designing communities from the moment we were founded in 2015. We called them Innovative Interaction Streams, this because it’s meant to help users built/learn/work together. All on the exact same platform. “vaicat” also known as “VaIcaT” back then was a community for developers in The Netherlands. We always wanted to support video content, yet we wanted to do it right. Now we finally got a great feeling about our channels.

This tech loves you.

What is This Tech Loves You bringing to the tech community?

This Tech Loves You is a Podcast show with an option to enjoy the content with video. We will record our first show are WWDC 2019 in San Jose. Our developers will also be on stand-by for an interview.
Check the video here:


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