‘First clicks’. Literally, first clicks. That’s what we want to offer in an app form. When news in the technology industry hits the internet, we want to provide playlists with deep dives and different ‘takes’ on that same topic for users to binge or jump into one of our tech-communities to chat about or develop for it.

FIRSTCLICKS is also a show on YouTube by Studio
The app enables the user to binge watch video content and tutorials while implementing the things they learn into their code/work at the same time.

The app allows intelligent multitasking while the content is playing, the community tabs and tools are still useable. Especially on iPad Pro.

The FIRSTCLICKS app will be community driven and should provide tech enthusiasts a way to interact and experiment with the newest tech/software straight when it the news drops.

No public beta has been released for this app. We are currently working on iOS and iPadOS versions of this project.