Cubes at Your Cue


User Generated Content

The game plan

This project is a gamified community platform, created by and optimised for Safari. The goal of building this platform is to give users more power over the content they want to create and with who they want to share that content. The forums can help users engage in problem solving and users can offer each other Q/A style assistance. Besides that, the Feed offers a glanceable public micro-blog style sharing feature.

Users are encouraged to help and communicated with each other through earning experience, levels, titles and badges. Higher level users, mods and the AI system can also award users Gold, Gems and Emeralds. These credits can be used to “buy” expert help and/or used for future partner focussed shops. These shops are currently being setup with partners that provide hardware, gear and other physical products.

The platform offers basic functionality for day to day communication and sharing like micro-blog style sharing and private chats/group chats in text. These interactions do also count towards the gamified aspect of the platform. Users can pick daily quests and enjoy sharing streams/video content with each other for deeper interaction. We are planning on adding video and voice chat support later. Together with iOS features like SharePlay in our app.

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The Badges

Badges are earned through ‘experience’ or ‘XP’. There are various ways to gain user experience on CUEBES.

Gaining experience on the platform is as easy as being an active contributor, user can also opt to finish badge specific missions. In groups or individually.

Unlocking badges can have benefits on the platform. The badges will be proudly presented on your profile and the moment your earn them you can get Gems, Gold or Emeralds. Some badges, earned through presenting coding/programming skills and tech problems solving on our Q/A platform can offer the user privileges in real life. Companies connected to our platform will recognise the user’s badge and consider them in job opportunities and freelance projects.

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The quests

The Quests are designed to help new users understand the platform and experienced users to seek challenges and for both to expand their network.

The challenges get increasingly more complex and almost certainly get any user to group up and take the content on together. The platform in that way tries to trigger collaborative skillsets and rewards teamwork with experience, gold and more.

Expanding the user’s network can help users stay connected with a very diverse group of like minded people, the platform will push the community towards working together as much as possible. Social media links embedded on the profiles from our users can help everyone stay connected even outside of CU(E)BES.

We would love to work with other platforms to make rewards interoperable.

The Ranks

Growing in rank indicates that the user is not only collecting enough Badges, Experience and Quest Achievements, yet also helps an unreal amount of developers on our forums/ Q&A platform.

Ranking up will be a fairly hard, yet fun part of being engaged with CU(E)BES. The platform will always recognise users that complete very challenging quests with badges, once you have enough badges you may rank up.

This is extra part has to come from being active on CU(E)BES forums to help fellow users with their coding questions/bugs. If the user ranks up, it means the user has proven him-/herself as a master of a certain technology. All tech stacks have their own ranking system.

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Perks of your design

We can’t always know how users want to be rewarded. Which is why we have introduced Gems, Gold and Emeralds. These will be categorised as “Credits” and these credits can be used to buy gear and other tools that can help the user work more efficiently. We are planning to expand that shop feature with partners in the future.

The Credits are earned through various activities on the platform. CU(E)BES is also able to remove Credits from the user’s account for misbehaving and/or misconduct. It is important to stay positive and not make commitments the user doesn’t want to keep. This can cost Credits or even Ranks and Badges. To keep the platform clean and useful.

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