Acquiring MoreMitchel and iReplayed

Behind Studios acquired MoreMitchel platform and iReplayed community. Both content creation platforms were part of Volkering Media Group. We are excited to work with our new partners to create content together.

What can MoreMitchel and iReplayed bring you

The two platforms will bring you a lot of new content for the channels we are working on behind the scenes. In 2020 we are planning on creating a new wave of platforms and channels for you to enjoy tech related content from/on. The expertise and experience from the MoreMitchel Team and the iReplayed community will help us get you more content, when you need it and where you already want to watch it.

We expect to complete the transition within 6 months. All freelancers, contractors, partners and other elements that are attached with the two platforms will stay connected and will come over when the transition is completed.


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